Today, on 04-12-2019, in the middle school Karbala Dhatta, free computer was installed by the local software company TruSoft Technology under “TruprashrayProgram”.
It is to be known that the local company Trusoft Technology has been selecting various government schools and installing free computers for the last three months, including schools in Araria district and Bhagalpur.

“TruePresence Program” is an ambitious public interest scheme of the company under which the company aims to realize the dream of “Digital Bihar” by computerizing every school in Bihar soon, currently the company is aiming for one computer in one school every month. It has been, but the purpose is to run it ten times faster in the coming days.
Significantly, TruSoft Technology is the emerging software company of Farbisganj which year
Has been working in the field of software since 2017 and today is gaining fame across the country for its works.

On this occasion, the Block Education Officer appreciated the efforts of the company and explained to the children about the importance of computers, while the CEO of the company Vishal Kumar Jha made the children aware of the present and future of computers. Wanted for a computer in childhood and is the CEO of a software company today. This was given to the entire TruSoft Technology team including Mr. Dhanjit Sah and Mr. Anand Kumar Singh At the same time, he also praised Shri Mustaq Mufti ji and said that his role in every step of “True Promotion” has been incomparable.
In today’s program, consider Block Education Officer, Mr. Mustaq Mufti ji, School Head Kiran Prakash Ranjan, Assistant Teacher Ranjana Kumari, Block Sushiladhikari Sir, Company CEO Vishal Kumar, Office Head Dhanjit Sah, Program Head Anand Singh, Ram Dayal Singh, Saurabh Kumar, Mohan Kumar Singh, Sunil, Nishu and teachers and school children were present.