About Founder


Founder & CEO of Trusoft Technology

Er. Vishal Kumar Jha ( B.Tech), Graduate from Aaryabhatta University and then started working as Software Engineer from Trusoft Technology.

After a few years of working found that there is a BIG GAP between what Corporates want and what candidates posses.

After seeing this situation, Immediately he conducted a research across institutions, industry, and students, for 8 months and realized students are gems, but lack of innovative things they failed, So he started “TRUSOFT TECHNOLOGY” for very less price in the market and to enhance the quality of people in to Corporate field by giving best knowledge to students via teaching and skill development.

After years of struggle, he was succeeded in that and giving Knowledge as well as innovative thoughts to enter in corporate field for hundreds of students in a span of 2 years and Now his dreams come true that his students enter in to the corners of the whole world and became INDIA’S NO #1 in SOFTWARE TRAINING INDUSTRY as TRUSOFT TECHNOLOGY.